Field Force Automation

Today`s enterprise face numerous business challenge and are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity, increase service turn- around times and enhance customer satisfaction index

Field Force Automation (FFA) App helps to capture field service information in real time. The app allows for a seamless communication between the field staff and the management in real time.


Improving Employee efficiency and productivity


Reduces operational cost through faster information dissemination


Enhances performance and turn around times due to quicker information flow


Improves Customer Satisfaction index


Multi-channel information access across the web and mobile


Proactive delegation, better monitoring and decision making


Field Force Automation
Field Force Automation
  • Assigned work available at the figure tip
  • Greater efficiency, productivity and satisfied customers
  • Real time updating of information pertaining to Jobs
  • Electronic timecards, forms, data collection and documentation
  • Fair and uniform management practices
  • More time to focus on job with fewer distractions
  • Work policies automatically and uniformly enforced
  • The field service staff can log into the app and view the customers, work assigned and location of the customer
  • After attending the assigned work the service staff can update the job with his comments
  • Get a complete view of the location of your field work force
  • Look at the status and position of each field work force
  • Allocate jobs to work force based on nearness to location
  • Route travelled by each field work force
  • Effective expense tracking as can audit the travel vouchers with actual visits
  • See locations of field work force in near-real time
  • Electronic timecards and data exchange with accounting
  • Complete more jobs per day with greater customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined payroll and invoicing
  • Insight to improve operational efficiency
  • Complete view of the field team
  • Improvement in service levels
  • Effectively manage teams