EsselWorld Booking App

EsselWorld Booking App

Mobeserv has developed a mobile application for EsselWorld, which will help their guests who are visiting the park. The app allows the guests to enable bookings through the app, get information about the park and facilities

The objective of the app is to enhance the experience for Esselworld’s guests, with access to park information, guide to all the attractions in the park and personalised updates to maximise the experience.

Raymonds Sales Booking App

Raymond Ltd. has developed an app for their agents and sales team which enables them to take orders from their dealers for a season or post seasons

Key features of the App

  • Book an order
  • Confirm the order
  • Copy an order
  • Email order confirmation pdf to dealer
Raymonds Sales Booking App
Bajaj Finserv - Learning Platform

Bajaj Finserv - Learning Platform

Mobeserv has developed a learning platform for Bajaj Finserv called ‘EDGE’, which caters to the entire corporate learning life cycle from pre on-boarding, induction, functional and aspirational learning. The platform is currently used by around 25000 employees, pan India. Following are some of the platform features

  • Collaborative Learning Tools - EDGE provides corporate learners with the video/audio conferencing tools they need to communicate with ease. For example, a corporate can user the webinar platform to host live online training events.
  • Personalised Learning Paths - Corporate learners can use online training tools and resources that address their specific gaps and goals. EDGE allows you to create personalised learning paths and non-linear course maps
  • Multi-platform Accessibility - EDGE is responsive and multi-platform friendly. Corporate learners can get the information they need anytime, anywhere, whether they prefer good old-fashioned PCs or the latest smartphones
  • Gamification Tools - EDGE supports gamification which gives you the power to motivate and inspire your corporate learners. For example, badges, points, and leaderboards that appeal to corporate learners’ competitive nature
  • Social Media Support - EDGE gives you the ability to integrate social learning tools into your online training strategy. For example, crowd learning tools and chat groups allow corporate learners to interact with their peers directly, as well as tracking tools that help you monitor learner engagement and participation
  • Blended Learning - Manage online and classroom learning through EDGE. Learners can register for online and offline courses. All courses can be downloaded and consumed offline on the mobile app.
  • Testing and Assessments - EDGE provides flexible testing and assessment options like Quiz, Feedbacks, Surveys and Polls. Questions can be stored in question banks. An assessment can be designed by pulling questions from the bank through direct mapping or randomly.
  • Learning Experience Platform - EDGE LXP looks to curate and aggregate content, creating learning/career pathways, skills development, and providing the user with personalised recommended content.
  • Advanced Reporting - EDGE reporting gives a detailed view of learning activities where users can run, save and schedule a wide range of custom reports
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